Kaufmann's Emporium was founded in 2003 by Rick Barrett and Brian Dykstra and is named in honor of Rick's great-grandfather, Richard Kaufmann, who once owned Kaufmann's Department Store in Cicero, IL. Kaufmann's is a one-of-a-kind sutlery that caters to re-enactors, living history enthusiasts, and fashion historians. Our merchandise comes from a variety of highly trained, researched, and accomplished artisans. Each of these individuals is dedicated to authenticity, accuracy, and attention to detail. Kaufmann's offers men's and women's apparel, accessories, and accoutrements from the Civil War and Victorian Era with an emphasis on civilian clothing. Whether it is that perfect reproduction day cap from Godey's Ladies Book, a simple work dress, or evening attire, you'll find it at Kaufmann's.

Management Biographies

Richard A. Barrett (Proprietor) Rick began his participation in Civil War reenactment with the Great Lakes Re-enactors Guild one year ago. Although new to Civil War, he has over ten years of experience with historical impressions through his participation with the Guilde of St. George, the group that recreates the Court of Queen Elizabeth I at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. In addition, he has made guest appearances at numerous faires and events across the country. Rick holds an MS in Finance and a BFA in Arts Administration from DePaul University, Chicago, IL.

Brian T. Dykstra (Designer) Brian has seven years of experience with Civil War reenacting, focusing on civilian impressions. He has been involved in the Michigan Soldiers' Aid Society, 3rd Michigan Company F, and the Great Lakes Re-enactors Guild. An award winning costume designer, he has costumed productions with Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, Master Arts Theatre Company (Grand Rapids, MI), Heritage Theatre Group (Grand Rapids, MI), and Oak Park Village Players (Oak Park, IL). He has also designed and produced Civil War, Victorian, and Edwardian costumes and clothes for private clients. Brian studied Theatrical Costuming and Fashion Design at Columbia College, Chicago, IL.

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